1. Getting back into the swing of road cycling. The sport disappears from view during the winter months, but jumps right back at you come springtime. Here’s a supporter in the Beaujolais region of France waiting for the Paris - Nice cyclists to appear. 


  2. I went to the Geneva Motor Show yesterday. Managed to get a headache within about 5 minutes of being there, and wanted to be anywhere else on earth after about 15. 

    Some people love it though. Not really my cup of tea. 


  3. Which kind of Matterhorn viewer are you?

    Picture postcard, traditional view, or something a little more abstract?

    I photographed the mountain a lot during my week here and i can safely say that it blew my mind from every angle that I saw it. 


  4. Winter time in Geneva felt a lot like Autumn yesterday. Flooded fields and beautiful light soften the fact that it’s really quite rubbish in the mountains right now. 


  5. I visited the weird and wonderful resort of Avoriaz yesterday. It’s still very early season here in the Alps, but with a Christmas break to look forward to, I hope that there should be some fresh stuff when i get back in the new year. 


  6. This weekend almost 30,000 runners descended on Geneva to take part in the 36th Course de l’Escalade, around a circuit in the old town. With the race being split into several categories it allowed me to wander around with my camera, capturing the early runners before i raced myself.

    There’s something great about city races in the winter. It sits right up on top of one of the most enjoyable runs i’ve done. I love events where i can watch some myself too. I had to be there from 1pm for cheerleading duties with my race not setting off until 5. This gave me plenty of time to walk around, soak in the atmosphere and be in awe of the Kenyans as i watched the elite runners. 


  7. @fieldprod releases #supervention on iTunes today. It really is an amazing documentary. This was shot whilst filming with them in Japan in 2011. #skiing #winter #itunes #fieldproductions #coolstuff


  8. Sometimes ski photography can be a dirty job


  9. 1st December, Les Grands Montets. First ski of the winter. 


  10. On Thursday i received a nice little surprise from Red Bull in the shape of a brand new Leica D-Lux 6. It’s always nice, and also very rare, that something like this lands on my doorstep so i was more than happy to have an action packed weekend to try it out. 

    I must say, i’m a little spoiled when it comes to point and shoot cameras as i already own (and love) the Sony RX 100. This camera has been my go to when out trail running and the images it produces are simply stunning. 

    This weekend was a packed one: I watched a Lausanne ice hockey match on Friday, went to Bulle to compete in a running race on Saturday, managed to have my first day on snow whilst skinning yesterday, with a final ice skate to finish it off last night. 

    It was more of a fun weekend than a scientific camera test, but here’s a couple of images taken with the Leica from the weekend. 

    Excuse the running shot of me included in the gallery. I use it as a reminder of just how much suffering there is in a circuit race.